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Showcase - Sapore St Kilda

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SAPORE ST KILDA - Winner - Best Design - SmartCompany Web Awards 2012

Designing a website requires juggling several objectives. Making the site easy to use is one, logical navigation another. On top of that, it has to look good. It’s not an easy task.

But Level91 design has managed to crack a solid balance for the Melbourne restaurant Sapore, using a clean, photography-based design to convey as much information as possible while still making the site easy on the eyes.

Judge Kain Tietzel, co-founder of PhotoMerchant.net, says the most essential element in a website is being able to quickly understand the scope and essence of the business – “this site covers all of those bases and does it with panache”.

“I'm instantly taken in by the food photography, I can quickly see the opening hours and contact information, there's solid social reinforcement which sets my mind at ease and I can quickly get to all the information I need in a single click.”

The site was designed by Level91, whose general manager Adam Newton says the original site, based in Flash, “really didn’t sell clearly the unique dining experience”.

“We didn’t want this to be perceived as a restaurant that was ostentatious, too high-end or something like that. We wanted it to be very approachable.”

The website gives succinct but comprehensive information – opening times, menus, and location details. A simple navigation bar allows for easy access to the menu, a booking tool, and contact information.

“I think what the website does best is giving an immediate and impactful view of what the restaurant is, and sets the mood and tone,” says Newton.
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