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Findability & Search Engine Optimisation


“You may have designed an exceptionally creative website, written compelling content, or developed a useful Web application. But if your work cannot be located by your target audience, it’s all for naught. After all, we can’t appreciate what we can’t find.”   Aarron Walter, 2008. [http://aarronwalter.com]


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


It seems “SEO” is the buzz word of the moment, the “in thing” for 2009. But it’s a term that is commonly misunderstood, and often misused.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a set of technical steps that must be undertaken during development to ensure your website is “search engine friendly” --- it is all about making changes to your code, design, and layout so that you increase your chances of receiving traffic from search engines. The result of good SEO is higher “organic” (free, natural) rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) --- it is a mid- to long-term goal, but postive search engine placement has a big impact on your online success.

Increasingly popular right now, is Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising (SEA) – the pay-per-click approach to attracting site traffic. A good PPC campaign will have your site appearing in the top “sponsored links” positions on search results pages – usually within a matter of days. But make no mistake – like advertising on ANY media (billboards, television, print, web), you will pay real money for real results. Apart from the growing market and global reach, an important advantage that online advertising has over traditional media is the real-time metrics and reports that keep you appraised of both your daily marketing spend AND your return on investment.


At Level 91 we create findable websites.


Findability is a term used to describe the broader discipline that unites the many existing strategies to help your clients find what they are searching for --- in a macro sense this is your “website”, but really this the “product” or “service” your website is providing.

We have three primary goals in making a website “findable”:

1. Make it easy for people to find your site (SEO/SEM campaigns, Viral Marketing Campaigns, Blogging, Social Networking);

2. Make your site easy to use, and your information/products easy to find (Conversion Design, Rich Internet Applications);

3. Make sure they come back again (E-Marketing Campaigns, User Interactivity Features);

Every Level 91 site design project is designed with SEO principles firmly in mind, but if you have an existing website we can assist you to achieve any or all of these three goals.


Why not talk to us today about a Findability Audit for your website?


We discuss your goals – what you need your site to actually do for your business. We review your current online marketing practices, and take stock of the assets you might already have but are not being used to their potential.

We look at the current performance metrics of your website, so we have a baseline to measure our work against. We then look at your site architecture, design, layout, and code to ensure it meets SEO best-practice. Then we undertake an analysis of your site content --- SEO is as much a human / marketing exercise as it is a technical one, so your message needs to be clear to both search engines AND your clients.

From that point we are in a position to make our recommendations about how to move forward, and more importantly show you how to maintain momentum and achieve measurable, repeatable online success.

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Over 3.3 million Australians have

used search engines to find local businesses – such as a doctor, car dealer, or electronics repairs, etc. – to buy something offline.
Nielsen//Net Ratings, 2005-2006.

DIY or Agency?
Businesses that decide to use search engine advertising have two options: they can run the campaigns themselves or get an agency to do it for them.

The challenge for DIY-ers is that it’s a time-consuming and labour-intensive process to ensure the ads perform. By working with an agency you can avoid the lengthy learning curve and thus free up time to look after the additional customer enquiries the online ads bring in.