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Web Stuff That Actually Works

We can help you implement systems for a wide variety of applications, such as communication, organisation, tracking, reporting, purchasing, delivery and measurement, offering consistently greater efficiency and ease.

Website Design


We live in an extremely fast paced digital age, and first-mover advantage is often key. That means you need lightning fast turnaround, and measurable results.

Our consultative approach to each project ensures your website is built to address YOUR business requirements, not ours. The web as a real-time marketing and advertising medium, so functionality is only part of the solution.

Your site must look better than your competitors, and be easier to use. Review Our Showcase to see what mean, and Our Process to see how we do it.

Email Marketing


Email Marketing With close to a million emails sent out each month, our E-Marketing system is helping more and more customers connect with their audience in close to real-time.

Our easy-to-use service is completely online, and allows you to run multiple campaigns, from simple newsletters, to complex event-triggered email and SMS promotions.

With broadcast charges as low as 1 cent per email, this is a MUST HAVE marketing tool that you need to add to your marketing toolbox.

SMS Marketing & Competitions


SMS Marketing is an exciting and cost effective direct marketing and advertising method available to businesses. Using our SMS technology, you can create one-on-one communication with your market, AND receive responses.

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements, or review Our Showcase for examples of sites using this technology.

Search Engine Optimisatiom & Findability


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a set of technical steps that should be undertaken during development of your site to ensure your website is “search engine friendly”. After site launch, an on-going SEO campaign ensures you will receive quality traffic from search engines.

The result of good SEO is higher “organic” (free, natural) rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) --- it is a mid- to long-term goal, but postive search engine placement has a big impact on your online success.

Search Engine Advertising


Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is the pay-per-click approach to attracting site traffic. A good SEA campaign will have your site appearing in the top “sponsored links” positions on search results pages – usually within a matter of days.

With growing market penetration and results that give you a global reach, an important advantage that online advertising has over traditional media is the real-time metrics that keep you appraised of both your daily marketing spend AND your return on investment.

E-Commerce Solutions


This information is currently being revised.

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements, or review Our Showcase for examples of sites using this technology.

Content Management Systems


Web technology is changing at a rapid pace. There are now hundreds of software systems available to give you back control of your website. The hard part is know which one to choose.

At Level 91, we have distilled our experience to offer what we believe to be the best four (4) solutions: Joomla, Wordpress, CMS Made Simple, and our own SolidCMS.

Each system has its pro's and cons, and each requires a different planning process to implement, and really suit different types of website.

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements, or review Our Showcase for examples of sites using this technology.

Carbon Neutral Websites


Level 91 makes it easy for you to neutralise the impact your website has on the environment with the TickGreen program. By signing up, your website is allocated a number of certified carbon credits to make your website carbon neutral.

All TickGreen carbon credits are created through reforestation projects in Australian Government State Forests, and are registered in the Greenhouse Gas Registry. More information...

1300 Numbers & Phone Words


A new offering for Level 91 is the provision of 1300 Numbers and Phone Words. We can provide you with reliable, quality 1300 number network services, friendly help and advice, expert knowledge and experience,  and customised 1300 number solutions that suit your business needs.

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

E-Brochures and Catalogs


Electronic brochures and catalogs have increasingly helped customers access information about products and services.

They can flick through the pages as they read, select a page or chapter, or print them out—and respond through ordering or by contacting your sales teams.

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements, or review Our Showcase for examples of sites using this technology.

Website & Email Hosting, and Domain Registration


Why pay more than you have to? Traditionally, Australian hosting and domain registration companies have offered dramatically over-inflated pricing, yet have seriously under-delivered with service and follow-on support.

Domain Name Registration

We can register your domain names at realistic prices, and assist you to correctly point the domain to your preferred hosting service.

> Search and register online...

Email Hosting

All our hosting accounts come with email as part of the package. However, if you are serious about email, we recommend using the free Google Apps for your business email. The advantages over traditional hosting-account based email are too good to ignore:

We can assist you to set up your Google Apps email accounts painlessly and best of all - completely free for our existing clients. This is not some hollow endorsement - we use it at Level 91 for all our email.

Website Hosting

Through our technology partners, we offer flexible web site hosting and domain registration using Australian based infrastructure, providing:

  • Secure location with uninterruptible power supply and generator backup;
  • 24 x 7 x 365 security and CCTV surveillance;
  • Account administration and management by Level 91 staff;
  • Web Programming & Development
  • This information is currently being revised.
Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements, or review Our Showcase for examples of sites using our hosting and domain services.

Custom Web Applications


Time and resources cost money. Our customers have successfully saved thousands by implementing solutions that have introduced a whole new level of efficiency in their business.

Our custom-built solutions are tailored to meet your requirements, so interconnectivity between your systems and the web occurs seamlessly.

We provide web applications that are simple, clean, and flexible. Our systems are primarily built using the LAMP server architecture (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). More specifically, we prefer PHP5 with a MySQL database, but we use database abstraction to support different SQL-based database servers if required, such as MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and others.

We use a number of existing, proven technologies to provide a stable and well-maintained development platform – with predictable and familiar functionality to the end-user. Typically, all website operations are performed using a standard forms-based approach through the administrative back-end.

Additionally, we employ AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) techniques where appropriate to dramatically improve the user experience, site operation and performance – with features such as in-place editing and dynamic real-time content updates.

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements, or review Our Showcase for examples of sites using our custom-built solutions.
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Our creative network extends to a range of talented Copywriters, Photographers, Video Producers, and Marketing Specialists that can add significant value to your project.

This can save you time, reduce your workload, and let you get on with what you do best - running your business.

We can manage these additional resources as part of the project, meaning you only need to deal with a single point of contact for the duration of the project.