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Email and SMS Marketing

If you need to create, send and track high impact and personalised SMS campaigns, e-newsletters, product brochures, internal staff communications and follow up sales material, with no more than your internet browser, then Level 91 can help you with our unique online e-marketing applications.

Email Marketing

Email and SMS Marketing are without doubt among the fastest growing elements of modern marketing and business communication. Businesses all over the world are allocating greater resources to these extremely powerful marketing tools, and this process is being driven by measurable ROI. It is clear that Email and SMS are key drivers in the evolution of modern marketing.

This evolution is being driven by the need for businesses to remain competitive by reducing marketing costs whilst increasing the effectiveness of their marketing spend. Email and SMS marketing make this contradictory goal possible.

Changes in technology have further contributed to this shift in marketing resources. The development of highly cost effective online marketing tools have allowed more businesses to test and implement Email and SMS marketing at low cost. And the rapid expansion of broadband internet (particularly in B2B marketing) has resulted in a much higher customer acceptance of high-quality, graphical email messages.

All of these factors mean that Email and SMS marketing have and will continue to play a major role in the modern marketing mix for many different types of businesses.

How Businesses are Using E-marketing



Businesses all over the world are achieving amazing financial results through the power of email and SMS marketing. Email and SMS are the fastest, simplest and most cost effective direct marketing medium available. A well-designed email marketing strategy can have fantastic bottom line results for a business.

Reports show that these trends are not limited to any one particular market segment and are hence as easily obtained by a small business in real estate as by an enterprise operation in automotive or by government departments.

Businesses are using eMarketing for a variety of uses from simply sending out monthly newsletters, through to sending new product advertisements and event promotions. Communications that are commonly distributed via email include:

  • Newsletters
  • Event announcements
  • Special offers
  • Seasonal emails
  • New product emails
  • Staff news
  • Website registration forms
  • Registration of interest forms
  • Member registrations
  • Subscriber profile updates
  • Surveys
  • Lead automation and closed loop lead management
  • Trigger based emails
  • Auto responders
  • Event registration/promotion

How it works:


  • Level 91 designs your company template
  • We import your email list into our system
  • You provide content additions, and updates.
  • We broadcast
  • Together we monitor Campaign performance
With broadcast charges as low as 1 cent per email, this is a MUST HAVE marketing initiative in this economic climate.

Benefits of E-Marketing:


The future is open in the arena of e-marketing, and we’ll work with you as technologies unfold.

Among the benefits are:

  • Immediate cost savings
  • Automated sales and lead generation
  • Profiling of customers
  • Two-way communication with customers
  • Campaign measurement & ROI.

Our award-winning online software offers a powerful, on-demand solution delivering automated marketing, marketing analytics, online surveys, email & SMS creation, sales lead generation and extensive list management all within an intuitive and spam compliant framework.

Please visit eflyers.com.au for complete information, pricing, and we invite you to register for a 30 day free trial.

SMS Marketing

We can tailor make an SMS solution to fit your requirments. Some popular SMS promotions are:

Outbound-only. Send SMS messages - via our DIY portal - to your subscriber list. Or we can broadcast on your behalf as part of a campaign.

Combined SMS, Email, (and Web) Promotion. Inbound Email or SMS subscribe triggers a series of messages (SMS or Email), that are pre-written and set up as a campaign.

Outbound with Inbound Reply. Send SMS messages and capture replies to your message in a database.

Web/SMS Integration.  If you have an existing website, we can integrate it with the SMS gateway to send/receive subscribe requests, and more

Inbound-only. We provide you with a number, people can message that number, and we collect their details. Great for competitions.

Discount Voucher Codes. Subscribers SMS to receive a unique SMS voucher code, they can then redeem this at a store (or website), obtaining a discount.

Inbound with Outbound Reply. As above, but with an automatic reply message.

Custom Integration. Tell us your requirements, and we can tailor a quote to match your requirements.

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» eflyers.com.au

Benefits of eMarketing

Hundreds-of-thousands of businesses all over the world have implemented or are currently implementing Email and SMS Marketing programs to strengthen their brand in the minds of their customers.

Email and SMS marketing are among the most cost effective forms of communication available and are capable of achieving greater ROI rates than traditional marketing methods.

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