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Vision 2020 - Why the Office May Be the Worst Place To Get Anything Done


Why the Office May Be the Worst Place To Get Anything Done

I had previously read the 37signals book "Getting Real", and enjoyed the interview series at Big Think --- good to see this topic is now hitting the mainstream at bNET and TED :)

Wayne Turmel at bNET says:

"If you’re one of those managers who worries that people who don’t come in to the office aren’t being productive, ask yourself this question: where do you go when you need to really buckle down and get stuff done? Odds are it’s not the office during normal hours. That’s just one of the provocative points raised by Jason Fried, who is the co-founder and president of 37 Signals. He recently spoke at a TED conference in Chicago and kicked up a lot of dust with the notion that “Work Doesn’t Happen At Work.”You can watch the entire presentation here if you’d like (and I recommend it). Many of the points he raises are valid. Some, I think, need to be tempered by a dose of reality, or at least understanding of the human condition."

Three cheers for Wayne for his "dose of reality" points!

Check out the full article by Wayne Turmel at bNET, posted December 8, 2010 here...

Or check out the video interview at Big Think...

And check out "Getting Real"... plus their new book "REWORK"...



PS: Although this reads like a massive endorsement of 37signals, at Level 91 we don't even use _any_ 37signals products! I just like the cut of their jib, so to speak...

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