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Vision 2020 - We're baa-aack...


We're baa-aack...

Thank you, Twitter, for finally looking into our situation.

Apparently we were "caught up in a spam cloud (through no fault of your own) and suspended…"

Having a deeper look around after our last post, it seems that it is a known factoid that Twitter uses auto-suspension. No matter who you are or what you have or haven’t done. If you end up in the "spam cloud" you obviously get suspended without explanation or reason. This confirms our suspicions from last time.

And what is a “Spam Cloud” anyway? Other folks on Twitter have discussed it, and have drawn a conclusion that it is a filter checking if something is over RT:ed, then sending it in to the “Spam Cloud”, and setting the "suspended" flag of anyone twittering it. In plainer language, if you end up having a number of "supposed" spammers following you and using your material for their own accounts, then messages from other users are re-tweeted ad infinitum until the filter kicks in...

All fire and forget, shoot first, ask nothing later... guess we need to be more choosey about who follows us, and/or who we follow!

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