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Vision 2020 - Twitter, A State of Suspended Disbelief


Twitter, A State of Suspended Disbelief

For reasons as yet uknown, Level 91 has been suspended on Twitter. Although we have attempted to contact Twitter for clarification, (even a simple "here's why?" would be nice), our support tickets remain un-answered.

To compound our growing frustration, the first ticket we submitted via Twitter Support was apparently actioned by "support" and subsequently changed to "closed". After submitting a second support ticket, that was immediately set to "solved". Until we added a "comment" to our own ticket crying foul, which then changed the ticket back to "Open".

Go figure, huh?

This is the Twitter policy for suspended accounts.

The highlight is "Accounts may be suspended for a minimum of 30 days for research."

Not suspended UP to 30 days, but for a MINIMUM of 30 days.

Whatever happened to the presumption of innocence?

Well, apparently Twitter are "Here to Help" according to their main help page. If you are interested in how NOT to lay out a Help section, head over there:


See if you can figure out how to actually submit a ticket from that page?

But the pièce de résistance is this little gem:

"Suspension results in loss of followers upon restore"

With their parting words to "be patient: until the bug is fixed, there is nothing Twitter Support can do to restore the followers."

It's a good thing Twitter remains a free service --- less legal battles for loss of client data.

It's also a good thing we didn't (yet) have thousands of followers! All of them... gone.

Just like Atlantis, lost too is the time we spent building up our network...

Can we send Twitter an invoice do you think?

Be afraid... be very afraid...
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