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Vision 2020 - 5 Second Rule


5 Second Rule

With web marketing, the “5 second rule” allows us to assess the impact and clarity of a web page. Look at the web page for 5 seconds, then hide it, and try to define what the purpose of the page was. It’s an effective way to gauge the focus of your home page or landing page.

Success Criteria:
To initially assess your site, we apply the 5 second rule and score it (out of 10) according to 5 common criteria for successful landing pages and home pages:
  1. What is it about? - How obvious is the core brand message?
  2. Do I care? - Am I interested? Does it speak to me?
  3. Is it trustworthy? - Does the design make me feel comfortable? Do they appear professional?
  4. How do I participate? - What am I supposed to do first? Is the primary call-to-action presented clearly?
  5. Is it newsworthy?- How likely am I to want to share my experience? Is this facilitated in any way?
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