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Vision 2020 - 10 Tips to Maximise Click Through Rate


10 Tips to Maximise Click Through Rate

  1. Contact Level 91 to accelerate the results of your email and web marketing campaigns. We couldn't resist the opportunity...
  2. Include a strong call to action within the top 300 pixels of your email. Be clear on what action you want people to take from your email. A simple call to action with a text or image link can increase CTR’s.
  3. Consider tweaking the format of your email as this can have a dramatic effect on your CTR. Use headlines, colour, text formatting and images to enable quick scanning of your email so readers can easily recognise what you’re asking them to do.
  4. The first step to improving click rates is to provide valuable content that readers want to learn more about. Is your content is highly relevant and interesting?
  5. You can create links to pages on your website, web forms, social media pages, shopping carts or videos. Using links to landing pages is also an effective way to shorten your email as it moves a lot of content out of the body of your message.
  6. To ensure that your content, information and offers are relevant to your audience use conditional content to control what subscribers see based on their profile. For example, only show a drink special to people over 18.
  7. Use your click through rates to gauge what your audience is most interested in. This information can be used to improve subject lines and consequently your open rates.
  8. For example if the majority of your recipients click on competitions and not articles maybe your subject line should change from “10 ways to avoid hipsters” to “WIN great prizes & learn how to avoid hipsters.”
  9. As mobile devices become more and more prominent (see page 19) the time it takes to open emails is decreasing. With this in mind it is always good to test your email across mobile platforms. Try to design your emails with mobile screen sizes in mind.
  10. Contact Level 91 to accelerate the results of your email and web marketing campaigns. Did we say that before? Of course, we did! Do it!

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