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Vision 2020

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Vision 2020
  Oppa Starbucks Style! 09.08.2013   
  Happy Friday!
Vision 2020
  iOS 7 released for Beta testing. 07.08.2013   
‎Apple‬ has released it's latest version of iOS 7 to developers for ‪#‎Beta‬ testing.
Vision 2020
  What do Wi-Fi waves look like? 29.07.2013   
 Ever wondered what Wifi waves look like?
Vision 2020
  Websites - pretty or practical? 25.07.2013   
  Do you hate having a choose between pretty and practical websites? Not anymore!
Vision 2020
  At last, I won something ;) 22.07.2013   
 Level 91's Damian (who never ‪#‎wins‬ anything) just won a Deepcool M3 Audio Cooling Pad in the Warcom's weekly facebook prize draw!
Vision 2020
  Do you play with your food? 19.07.2013   
  Do you play with your food? Are any of you guys on Vine or Instragram?
Vision 2020
  The Opportunity Cafe 24.03.2013   
On Friday I presented "Online Marketing 101" at INNOVIC's "The Opportunity Cafe."
Vision 2020
  The Good-Quick-Cheap Project Rule 24.02.2013   
There are 3 ideal outcomes when delivering a web project or any other type of project for your client...
Vision 2020
  Conversion: The Real Purpose of Web Design 07.02.2013   
 Conversion design essentially means you prioritize conversion over aesthetics.
Vision 2020
  Website Strategies 101 28.01.2013   
 Not getting a strong ROI from your website? The end result of investing into the development of a website is to help you to get the most return.
Vision 2020
  5 Second Rule 10.01.2013   
 With web marketing, the “5 second rule” allows us to assess the impact and clarity of a web page.
Vision 2020
  Winner - Best Design - SmartCompany Web Awards 2012 13.12.2012   
 Designing a website requires juggling several objectives. Making the site easy to use is one, logical navigation another. On top of that, it has to look good. It’s not an easy task.
Vision 2020
  When is the best time to send email? 23.10.2012   
We are often asked by clients when would be the best time to broadcast their email campaign. It's a really good question, but certainly one that defies a clear, rigid, "one size fits all" answer!
Vision 2020
  Create Findable Websites 28.09.2012   
 Findability is a term used to describe the broader discipline that unites the many existing strategies to help your clients find what they are searching for --- in a macro sense this is your “website”, but really this the “product” or “service” your website is providing.
Vision 2020
  10 Tips to Maximise Click Through Rate 21.09.2012   
Tried and proven tips to earn trust and to successfully convert your readers and visitors into willing participants.
Vision 2020
  WordPress 3.4.2 Maintenance and Security Release 12.09.2012   
After nearly 15 million downloads since 3.4 was released not three months ago, Wordpress have identified and fixed a number of nagging bugs.
Vision 2020
  Secure, Monitored Website Hosting with Level 91 12.09.2012   
 Due to the increasing sophistication (and abundance) of web malware over the past few years, Level 91 has now partnered with Sucuri.net
Vision 2020
  Spring Clean Your Content 30.08.2012   
It's time to revise the content on your websites! ...many companies must rethink their entire web campaigns.
Vision 2020
  Watch MADMANIMATION 01.08.2012   
Check out this cool new idea - ANIMATABLE - Designed to create, serve and track HTML5/CSS3 animations for desktop, Android, Blackberry QNX, iOS and WebOS mobile devices.
Vision 2020
  Why the Office May Be the Worst Place To Get Anything Done 12.05.2012   
If you’re one of those managers who worries that people who don’t come in to the office aren’t being productive, ask yourself this question: where do you go when you need to really buckle down and get stuff done? Odds are it’s not the office during normal hours. That’s just one of the provocative points raised by Jason Fried, who is the co-founder and president of 37 Signals. He recently spoke at a TED conference in Chicago and kicked up a lot of dust with the notion that “Work Doesn’t Happen At Work.”You can watch the entire presentation here if you’d like (and I recommend it). Many of the points he raises are valid. Some, I think, need to be tempered by a dose of reality, or at least understanding of the human condition."

Vision 2020
  7 reasons why having more than one domain name can help your online business 19.04.2012   
When deciding to get your company an online presence many business owners make the mistake of purchasing just a single domain name. Over time this can proof costly for a number of reasons. Instead business owners should obtain a variety of domain names for their company.
Vision 2020
  Improving Website design to grow Sales 25.01.2012   
Design and usability matters a lot when creating a company website and getting it right could be the difference between business success and business failure.

Getting design right is both hard and controversial. If you ask a cross section of the population their opinion of a particular design, there are usually as many opinions as the number of people. To try to understand design in a business context, I think that it's worth asking what the difference is between design and art? I would define design as the constrained application of art. Good designers are interested in the practical application of their creative output. And design is not just about aesthetics, it also embraces usability, cost and other more prosaic factors. Designing a website that can sell successfully has many of the elements of ordinary sales and marketing, combined with creativity.
Vision 2020
  Finalists in Aussie Web Awards 2010 12.10.2010   
Level 91 has made it through as a regional finalist at the Australian Web Awards 2010...
Vision 2020
  We're looking for a web designer! 11.10.2010   
Are you an up and coming Web Designer with 2+ years commercial experience?
Vision 2020
  Wordpress 3.0 "Theloniious" Released 18.06.2010   
WordPress 3.0, the thirteenth major release of WordPress and the culmination of half a year of work by 218 contributors, is now available for download.
Vision 2020
  The Red Carpet Experience 01.06.2010   
If you have a product or service that needs that little extra push, you might benefit from a target search marketing campaign driving traffic to a custom Lead Capture Page.
Vision 2020
  Glendale Care 28.05.2010   
New website for our client Glendale Care goes live. Glendale Care is a leading provider of quality aged and community care.
Vision 2020
  ANZAC Day 2010 25.04.2010   
Today is ANZAC Day, and marks the 95th anniversary since the landings at Gallipoli.
Vision 2020
  E-Marketing LCP & Campaign 01.03.2010   
We have just started a new search advertising campaign for our eflyers.com.au email marketing service...
Vision 2020
  No Clean Feed - Stop Internet Censorship 01.02.2010   
Last week the EFA launched a petition gainst the Government’s mandatory Internet filtering policy that will be presented to the Senate of the Parliament of Australia.
Vision 2020
  Support the Yellow Ribbon Campaign 19.01.2010   
February 7 marks the first anniversary of the horrific Black Saturday bushfires which devastated Victoria and caused the deaths of 173 people.
Vision 2020
  Mrs Fluffy Head Makes an Appearance 15.01.2010   
This week we had a visitor to the office, 8 week old kitten Mrs Fluffy Head...
Vision 2020
  Google plays with the power of suggestion 20.11.2009   
Google already has large chunks of our lives logged away in its giant omniscient filing cabinet...
Vision 2020
  Cool Tool - SlickPlan, Free Online Sitemaps 24.10.2009   
We have just started using this cool tool called SlickPlan. It allows us (or our clients) to quickly mock-up sitemaps and view them online, export to PDF, or even grab the HTML. Pretty cool tool - and it's totally free! From their website...
Vision 2020
  Carbon Offset Your Website 16.10.2009   
Level 91 makes it easy for you to neutralise the impact your website has on the environment, going Carbon Neutral...
Vision 2020
  Australian Web Awards Nomination 08.10.2009   
Our Design Lead, David Vuu, announced as a finalist in this years AWIA Australian Web Awards...
Vision 2020
  Throwing the Javelin 01.10.2009   
We use JavelinCRM to keep track of the people and companies we do business with...
Vision 2020
  Desktop Time Tracker App 10.09.2009   
From the depths of our development laboratory comes the sounds of efficient endeavour... hammers, gears, pulleys, and engines, working in unison... accompanied by the grunts of determined labour, and only occasionally interrupted by muffled sobbing, as the beginnings of our desktop time-tracking application takes shape. More to follow next month...
Vision 2020
  We're baa-aack... 27.08.2009   
Apparently we were "caught up in a spam cloud (through no fault of your own) and suspended…"
Vision 2020
  Twitter, A State of Suspended Disbelief 25.08.2009   
For reasons as yet uknown, Level 91 has been suspended on Twitter...
Vision 2020
  Firefox 3.5 Released! 30.06.2009   
It's Time for an Upgrade! Firefox 3.5 is faster, smarter and — most importantly — much safer than your version. Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade...
Vision 2020
  Microsoft to ignore web standards in Outlook 2010 - enough is enough 25.06.2009   
The Email Standards Project has taken Twitter by storm in the last 24 hours, popularising it's campaign to pressure Microsoft (and others) to adopt HTML / CSS web standards with their email client. Have a look here for the campaign website...

Vision 2020
  Email marketing mistakes and how to avoid them... 19.06.2009   
While everybody seems to be talking about internet marketing, web 2.0/3.0, social media, Twitter, etc., many people seem to have forgotten about one of our staple marketing opportunities online - email marketing. Email marketing can be very cost-effective and productive when handled correctly.
Vision 2020
  Designing for Conversion 05.06.2009   
There is a heavy emphasis on SEARCH at the moment --- Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), now collectively known as Search Engine Advertising (SEA) --- are taking the media and the online world by storm... but you get visitors to your site, and THEN what happens?
Vision 2020
  Art versus Design 14.05.2009   
There's always a tug of war between "art" and "design" in a commercial environment - and especially in a "design" driven industry such as this. Depending on backgrounds, web "designers" may be techo's that turned their hand to Photoshop or Illustrator, or they might be graphic artists that made the shift to the digital space, or they might be full-on digital designers from day one...
Vision 2020
  Free Tool: A Sitemap for Every Occasion 30.04.2009   
Often when we receive a brief from a client, the word "brief" is all too accurate. Part of the process of turning a client's intentions into a workable set of deliverables is the development of a clear sitemap. Although not the be-all and end-all of site design, a site map is a handy visual aid for both us and the client, to get a feel for the overall structure of the site --- a map of where we are all headed. Putting some structure to a fluid concept encourages all parties to think about the end-game.
Vision 2020
  Strategies for Designing Application Navigation 17.04.2009   
Getting the navigation right is one of the most important aspects of design. Navigation is the framework within which screens, interaction, and the visual appearance are designed. The most basic axiom of usability is that one should make interaction with the software as easy as possible, allowing users to focus on the tasks that brought them to the software in the first place. To the extent that navigation is confusing and requires the user's attention to figure it out, usability will suffer.
Vision 2020
  Web Strategy: How To Evolve Your Irrelevant Corporate Website 09.03.2009   
Traditional Web Marketing needs to evolve, and this post intends to kick start the next generation.

What’s a corporate web site?
It’s the domain they use after every advertisement where you can learn more about a company, ya know it, anycompany.com

Vision 2020
  Web Strategy: The Many Forms of Monetization using the Web 04.02.2009   
You: A Web Strategist
You’re an individual who is responsible for the long term direction of a website, and meets the requirements of business, community, and technology. Part of your role is to keep your website profitable, even if it doesn’t generate direct revenue streams.

As you plan out the direction of your website, there are multiple ways to bring your web strategy to fruition, I’m listing out these methods below.


Vision 2020
  Does UX still matter in Tough Economic Times? 01.02.2009   
A good user experience should encourage people to buy a product or use a service. Because it is both different and memorable, a well designed user experience should motivate people to choose one product or service over potential competitors. Why then, doesn’t it seem to be working for Starbucks right now? If what made Starbucks great was its delivery of a great user experience then why is Starbucks struggling? Has the company gotten away from offering its coffee experience or is it just the economy? The answer may be a combination of factors.
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