AutoOffice is designed to be driven by any program running on a network via a TCP/IP socket interface. It provides a means of using Microsoft Word and Excel even from non-Windows environments (Unix or Linux for example).

This is achieved by using the automation capabilities of the MS Office suite. As a result, formatted Word documents and Excel spreadsheets can be produced from Unix environments via a Windows PC.

The primary intent is that AutoOffice be used in a Basis PRO5 environment, and so a callable PRO5 program is provided so that commands can be passed from the PRO5 environment via AutoOffice to MS Office. However, AutoOffice is not restricted to working on a PRO5 site - any programming language that is capable of reading and writing to TCP/IP sockets can be used.

Licensing is controlled by a licence manager program which runs on any Windows PC on the network. This means that a 'floating' licence model is used so that it is possible to have many more copies of AutoOffice than you are licensed for loaded on the network, and a licence is only used when AutoOffice is actually run and connected to the licence manager.

A free thirty-day evaluation licence can be provided. This allows you to try out the full capabilities of AutoOffice before making a decision to purchase licences for AutoOffice.

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