About Paysys

PAYSYS Computing Services is a small company that offers various software products and services. We have been operating since 1991, and in this time have provided a set of products and services that are used by clients throughout the Australasian region. Recently we have released a new product, AutoOffice, which we believe will be useful to many developers.

But enough of our products - for them we have a dedicated page.

So what's the PAYSYS story?

Perth City

Paysys isn't a massive company by any stretch of the imagination. Our size means that we have a personal, vested interest in the quality of the code we produce - our software is a personal achievement, a production that reflects the quality of the person behind it. We enjoy programming, and when you enjoy what you do, it gets done with an admirable quality.

The people that write the code are the people that provide the support. This is a benefit to the end user; feature requests, bugs, and general assistance aren't filtered through a marketing department or mid-level management. When you ask a question, you are asking a programmer, someone with the knowledge to provide an accurate answer. Service is important, and it's another thing that PAYSYS prides itself on.

I see pretty pictures - where is PAYSYS located?

Things tend to be pretty anonymous on the Internet, but we're fairly happy with where we live, so we'll shout it from the (cyber) roof tops. The city of Perth is located in the south western corner of Australia, that large chunk of land 'down under.' It's a beautiful city, full of trees, and the West Australian coastline is phenomenal (there's a lot of it!). Our summers are hot, which makes for a lot of beach time, and when everyone's done there they can go home for a barbeque involving lots of steak.

If you love sun, water, good wine, and relaxation, then you could probably come to Perth for a holiday. It's not the busiest city on the planet, but it's one of the nicest. Really, it is.

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